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What Advice Would You Give To Someone Following An Arrest?

I would say that you could beat yourself up as much as you want after an arrest, but you cannot go back in time. You have to figure out what were the reasons that put you in this position. Is it blood or alcohol abuse? Was it because you have an anger control issues, a bad relationship, that put you in this situation, or was it your inability to deal with stress? What you need to do is address those issues immediately. You cannot change the fact that you were charged with this crime, you are already in this system, it is easier to face the facts and retain an experienced attorney who can help you make the process go as smoothly as possible.

Even if you go to jail or go to prison, you eventually will be released, You want to make sure when the case is over you have served your sentence whether it be probation, or jail time, and you do not put yourself in this position ever again. You are going to have a life, and you do not want to make the same mistake again. Be proactive, and address those issues. I would say figure out why you are there and address that even before anybody tells you that you have to.

Can I Hire An Attorney On Behalf Of My Friends Or Family Members?

The answer is yes, you can retain an attorney for family or a friend. Friends or families, in particular family members, routinely hire me. They hire me because their son or their brother is in custody now. When you are in jail, it is tough for you to reach out to an attorneys, it is tough for you to come up with money to retain an attorney as well. In terms of how you hire an attorney, whom do you call; I always take the position that a good attorney is no different from a good restaurant. You talk to friends and family and you reach out to people to see if they know of an experienced defense attorney who has experience in criminal cases. Anybody can put a nice ad in the yellow pages it does costs money. Anybody can have the nicest website that just costs money too.

In terms of whether a person has a good reputation, good standing in the legal community, and a topnotch ability to get things resolved that comes from experience, and exposure. If you can get a family member or a friend to say, “Listen, this guy Will Margolin, I have worked with him before, I have a good friend who worked with him and he returns phone calls, he shows up to court, he is highly disciplined in what he does and effective. A good referral is the best kind of advertisement in my book. The last thing I would do is look on the internet, because once again, let us say you have a nice website that just comes down to a matter of money, that has nothing to do with your level of expertise or standing in the legal community.

Can An Attorney Help Me Get My Friend Or Family Member Released Immediately?

Yes, an attorney can help family and friends get released quickly. Let us assume your court date is three weeks from now, that attorney can reach out to the state’s attorney to see whether the state’s attorney would agree to a lower bond. An effective attorney knows how to bring cases to court early, especially if they are on speaking terms with the prosecution. So yes, you do not have to languish in jail waiting on your next court date. Your attorney does have the ability to motion up, and bring cases to court earlier they just need to know the laws. Make sure you hire an experienced defense attorney in regards to these specific charges.

Can I Hire Someone Else If The Friend Or Family Member Is Not Satisfied With The Attorney?

Yes, of course you can hire another attorney at any time. You can hire as many attorneys as the court will let you hire. Eventually, the court will say enough already, but you do have a right to be represented by somebody that you feel most comfortable with. Just because you hire a lawyer on day one of the bond hearing, does not mean you are obligated to keep on paying that attorney. I have had other attorneys represent clients, but the next day, for whatever reason, they do not get along, so the client fires them and hires my firm, it happens often enough. It is quite common to change attorneys during the entire process.

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