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DUI Defense FAQs

Can I Drive To Work While My License Is Suspended?
Yes, if you are eligible for the MDDP program. This program requires you to install a breath-sampling device in your vehicle in order to operate it. With this device, you can drive anywhere you like — including to work.
Is DUI A Criminal Charge In Illinois?
Yes. At the very least, any given DUI charge will be a Class A misdemeanor. If certain circumstances are present, the State may file felony DUI charges.
Will I Be Going To Jail?
In the counties I practice in, for your first misdemeanor DUI, you are probably not going to receive a jail sentence (unless there are unusual circumstances). Beyond this, the likelihood of you going to jail will depend on a number of variables.
Can I Win My DUI Case?
Yes, you potentially can. Lawyers across the country win DUI cases all the time. With that said, a quality lawyer will never guarantee any result in a case. You should run away from any lawyer who promises you a result in exchange for your business.
Can I Get A DUI If I Haven’t Been Drinking?
Yes. You can be arrested on drug-related DUI charges in addition to alcohol-related charges.

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