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Great Attorney!

“Takes the time to explain everything in detail and how the process works. In my case, my ex’s boyfriend got an order of protection on me after he and I had words and minimal contact. Only after he said he’d break my jaw, grabbed my 9-year-old son, took my daughter out of state, let her ride an ATV unsupervised that she flipped on herself then had her wear long sleeves and pants on a 90-degree day to conceal the bruises from me. In addition, he slept in the same bed as her in a small 2 bedroom cottage.

I really didn’t fight the OP no contact is the only contact. If you’ve ever been in divorce court you know no one really cares about court orders or the above stuff he did (no criminal law broken) unless you keep paying 150 for motions and 400 per hour to your attorney to get it in front of your judge. His order included his kids. Moving on, I signed my daughter up for softball, brought drinks and crackers to a game for the team. The Ex then shows up with his daughter took pictures of me and his daughter in the same frame and went to the police to say I violated the order. She also stated they had the video of me cussing at the little girl, whom I don’t know. Though all lies and no video were produced, technically I still violated the order and by the interpretation of the words written into law, I was guilty. If you are at a public event for your family, say a graduation for your son or daughter and a protected party shows up not having any affiliation or reason for being there. If it’s public property you still have to leave.

Good to know. Even though the feeling of getting railroaded was still there, Bill did a wonderful job of explaining how our law works in detail and how he could take care of it. Bill is also very accessible!”


Highly Qualified and Effective

“I had a pending Felony DUI and Revoked License. Not only did Bill take care of those in an extremely outstanding manner but less than 1 year later, he got me a permit to drive after a Sec. of State hearing. I have referred no less than 3 other friends/family members to Bill for legal representation in criminal cases and without exception, they all highly recommend Bill’s handling of their cases.”


Great Attorney

“Mr. Margolin answered all my questions regarding my case. And got it totally dismissed. I now have no criminal record. I would highly recommend Mr. Margolin.”


Down to Earth Attorney

“I am an out of state client. Atty Margolin assisted me in squashing DUI and related MVD charges. His knowledge saved me thousands of dollars in fees, increased insurance costs and time going to mandatory classes. He is a go to, reasonably priced, down to earth kind of guy. Thanks, Atty. Margolin. Matt-Wethersfield, CT”


Effective, Efficient Attorney

“Mr. Margolin represented me in an unfortunate situation where I was charged for the first time. Mr. Margolin contacted me several times before the hearing to prepare me for the hearing and to see if I had any issues or concerns. Mr. Margolin was a very quick thinker during the hearing and was able to get the charges dropped! I received Mr. Margolin name from a referral that was also happy with Bill’s work. I highly recommend him!”


Would Highly Recommend

“I’ve had Attny. Margolin advises me on several legal matters. I’ve been impressed and satisfied with his expertise and service and his legal advice was worth its weight in gold. I would highly recommend!”


I Would Never Consider Using Another Attorney.

“Bill represented me on two separate occasions. His expertise protected me from a severely exaggerated charge that the States Attorney was determined to prosecute. He obtained a negotiated settlement that was just and protected me from a prosecution that could have ruined my life.”


He Did His Job for Me

“He got my felony criminal damage to property knocked down to a misdemeanor. Even though I had priors for that and other things. Had to pay fines restitution anger management and probation but it was worth it.”

A Satisfied Client

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