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When you need a Lake County or Cook County Criminal Law attorney, it’s best to seek the counsel of a lawyer with years of experience and extensive familiarity with the criminal justice system in Lake County, Cook County and the surrounding areas. Getting arrested or charged with a crime can be a life-changing, stressful experience with very serious consequences. The more skills your lawyer has, the better your chances of minimizing the negative consequences of the charges against you.

At the Law Offices of William Margolin, we are dedicated to aggressively fighting on behalf of the accused. William Margolin has extensive experience in defending the rights of individuals who have been arrested and charged with a crime. From sex charges and violent crimes to drug charges and DUI offenses, William Margolin has a proven track record of success in…



"I had a pending Felony DUI and Revoked License. Not only did Bill take care of those in an extremely outstanding manner but less than 1 year later, he got me a permit to drive after a Sec. of State hearing I have referred no less than 3 other friends..."


"Mr. Margolin represented me in an unfortunate situation where I was charged for the first time. Mr. Margolin contacted me several times before the hearing to prepare me for the hearing and to see if I had any issues or concerns. Mr. Margolin..."


"Bill represented me on two separate occasions. His expertise protected me from a severely exaggerated charge that the States Attorney was determined to prosecute. He obtained a negotiated settlement that was just and protected me from..."

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DUI Charges And Defense Strategies

Info That May Be Helpful For You If You've Been Pulled Over For Drunk Driving In Illinois

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